Almost There!

So, the timeline for my MS of Fall of the Sun has passed, which means my manuscript was rejected by the publishing house. That’s okay though. I was rather bummed at first, but now I’m not so heartbroken. The only question that still eggs my mind is “why?” Why was it rejected? I wonder if it was too dark? My subject matter of that story is Split/Multiple Personality Disorder aka: Dissociative Identity Disorder or DID, so that might have been it because I go heavy into the mind of the MC and how he’s thinking, what he has to deal with, and on top of that, being a werewolf for just over a year would make for a pretty confused and disturbed mind.

Oh well, though, right? I’ve decided to self-publish under my own brand name that I’ll be looking to copyright here very soon. I won’t reveal it just yet though 😉 needless to say, it’s rather perfect, and I’m SUPER excited! It’ll unify all of my stories as well as have great symbolism behind the brand name. I’ll share the story behind the inspiration for it once I complete the copyright process for it. That way, I can own the brand name and not have to worry about anyone else trying to use it without my permission. That sort of thing.

I’m hiring a friend of mine who is an editor by profession to go over Fall of the Sun one last time so that it’s OOBER ready when I self-publish under my new brand name.

On other news, I’ve been playing a lot of Skyrim on Nintendo’s Switch. I have to confess that I’m a little obsessed right now, but it’s been the greatest thing for my High and Epic Fantasy collection that I’m working on right now! Being able to role-play as my main characters have been completely fascinating! Getting into their heads while making the decisions and choosing which quests and storylines I want to pursue in the game as well has been so enlightening on how my characters would react to different scenarios! It’s hard to express just how awesome it is! Plus the game is just amazing anyways! I never thought I’d write an Epic Fantasy (Romantic Fantasy yes, but not Epic Fantasy). I plan on calling it Sisters of Fire and it will stretch my original Fire and Ice story into a collection of at least two main books plus at least seven novelettes or novellas for each of the seven main characters of Sisters of Fire.

Lots of great things happening! It’s been such a learning process, but that’s life, right? When doors close in front of you, God opens more 🙂 All you have to remember is to keep your heart and mind open to the new possibilities and not to dwell on the past. As one with depression and anxiety, I tend to do that a lot and sink into the abyss of “what ifs.” I’ve learned to get myself out of those dark pits and move on. It’s refreshing and I’ve got a lot to look forward to!


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