Back Again!

After too long of not writing in this blog, here I am again! So, to fill in the gaps from the last post, I’ve submitted FALL OF THE SUN to a publishing house and am waiting for them to get back to me if they want to publish it. I’m super excited, and it feels exhilarating to have a book done and am starting to work on Book 2, RAYS OF THE MOON in the LUNAR PHASES series.

Other exciting news, I’ve had several dreams as of late that can be directly translated into plots for other books in my Monsterverse. I had a nightmare about a monster named, Monsoon, that will be the plot and scariness of THE UNSEEN stand-alone book that references and focuses solely on the government entity called SPAM and how they capture and detain supernatural objects, beings, entities, and creatures to keep humanity safe. Think SCP foundation, MIB, and Area 51. Those are my main inspirations for such a government operation. It’ll be creepy and awesome!

Just last night, I had a dream about the plot of my Jinn/Sphinx storylines of the GUARDIAN series. After doing a good amount of research on Jinn (Jinni) and the like, I think I might end up doing a retelling of Aladdin from The Arabian Nights. That’ll be cool. I’m already doing a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, but both will be more close to the actual original text as opposed to the Disney versions of them – although the Disney animated versions of Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast were my childhood favorites, so I guess it’s only natural that I would want to eventually do a retelling of them 🙂

I already picked out the main character of the GUARDIAN series. She is a Jinn turned Sphinx. I’m using the term Sphinx in my own sort of way since I want it to be like the opposite of the Jinn. She has a love interest in the SERAPHIM quilogy, but I wanted to give her one for her own series. Last night’s dream was just that, and that tale will be rather tragic as it gives her a sad motivation to give up her traditions and turn to SPAM to hunt down the very creatures that she actually is in return for some sort of selfish solitude and petty revenge after her first husband is killed by her Jinn family for not being a full-blooded Jinn (not known at the time of his death). Should be a good read, sad, but good. I’m trying to decide if I want to do the Aladdin retelling as the first book in the series. I think I might since there are about four to possibly even seven books in the series. It’s not entirely planned out, but I’m closer now that I have a more firm direction I want to go with it – especially with my Jinn family all created with names and faces attached to them 🙂

Well, that’s really all I have for now. I’ve been thinking about posting on here recently, but have forgotten to, so hopefully there’ll be less of a giant gap between posts in the near future 🙂



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