Getting Back Into The Flow…

After thinking my Writer’s block ended a week ago, I ended up staring at Daryl Dixon thinking “What are words?” for the past week again…so, it’s been two weeks since I had a quality writing session for The Fall of the Sun.  It was rather depressing.  I was stuck on a chapter that I didn’t quite know how to word.  So last night, while in the shower, I had a brief moment of inspiration to get things flowing again.  I wrote down the thought and let it stew overnight.

I wrote down and finished the relatively short chapter today and am about to finish another.  *fist pump*  Hopefully, I can get the last few chapters started tonight as well.  Feeling hopeful.

So, my husband’s and my first year anniversary is this weekend!  YAY!  As an early present for me, my husband got me a blue-tooth keyboard to attach to my iPad Air 2!  Her name is Skye, as in Daisy Johnson, from Agents of Shield naturally.  She’s one of my favorite Agents of Shield characters besides like all of them, so of course, I named my iPad Skye!

With Skye’s help while Daryl is charging, and Daryl’s help while Skye is charging, I’ve been able to pull this whole writing thing off relative success today!  Let’s hope that this can continue to move forward and get this story done!


Today’s featured gif is, you guessed it, Skye from Agents of Shield. 🙂 She’s expressing my current mood of, “Okay. Yeah. This is happening!”  Team Daryl and Skye for the win!


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