Always Grateful…

I had a pretty good writing day yesterday and even more so today.  This may not come as a shocker anymore (since it’s happened a bagillion times by now) but I’m adding 2 more chapters:  “Get Well” and “Girlfriend”.  I added “Get Well” because one of my chapters was just getting too long, so I wanted to split it up a bit and it just happened to work out that way.  I added “Girlfriend” for basically the same reason, to split up a chapter, and just add more details and character development.  Should be fun 😉

Although I keep adding things to my story and am not close to being done with the first draft yet, I am grateful for the inspiration that I’ve been getting the past couple of days.  It’s great to have my brain be all creative again and listening to the promptings that I get.  I truly feel that Heaven is inspiring me to add these things.  So that’s always something to be grateful for.

This entry will be a little bit short, just because that’s all I have to say for today.  Here’s to progress!!


P.S. Jimmy Fallon is one of my favorites!  *Fist Pump for days!*


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