So, with a week’s long hiatus, I finally sat down to start writing again.  I was nervous since the whole writer’s block thing kind of threw me off, but I am happy to say, that the block is hopefully behind me! YAY!!!


I’ve added 5 more chapters like I wrote in my last blog entry, to add more fluidity between the “Mac” and “Ashley” chapters.  I’m in the middle of the first “Mac” chapter that I added titled, “Lean On”, yes, that one “Lean On (feat. MØ and DJ Snake)” by Major Lazer.

It’s a bit of a “throw back” chapter where Mac is telling his guardian, Erica Zeck, about the night that his parents died and his sister disappeared.  I’m totally high fiving myself (haha! In reference to the Walking Dead gif that I included today) for saving some old drafts that I wrote of that night and am adapting the draft to fit into the chapter!  This is what motivated me to write again after a week, and I’m happy about that!  So far so good!

My laptop missed me! 😀 Here’s to finishing up this book!!!

Come on Daryl Dixon! (remember that is the name of my laptop) LETS DO THIS!!


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