THE Worst Time to have Writer’s Block…

So, I have roughly 2 chapters left to right in The Fall of the Sun, right?  But I am not knowing where to start…I have the chapters basically outlined, but I can’t seem to find the right words to use to write these last chapters.  This is incredibly frustrating when I’m SO close to being done with the first draft of the entire book!! UGH!!!

I literally turn on Daryl Dixon (my laptop) and stare at the blank screen for writing and am like……………………………………….

*Cricket cricket*


This is the worst!

I rewrote an even more detailed outline for the chapters so that I can follow that and hope that the discovery writing comes as I write like it usually does.

Wish me luck?


Featured pic (gif) is exactly what my laptop keeps asking me when I stare at it with frustrated, squinty eyes, flared nostrils that exhale growling noises, and crazy hair.


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