Moderation in all things…

So, I finished a chapter tonight 🙂 I have planned 2 more plus the epilogue to finish The Fall of the Sun.  I decided that my unrealistic goal to get it all written yesterday was hurting me rather than helping me.  I passed out in bed around 9:30 and didn’t get up till around 11 this morning.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised when I stayed up until 5:30 the night before.

My husband and I just got back from working out around an hour ago, and now I’m quickly fading.  I’d best be getting ready for bed.  I don’t want this tension headache that I have lingering in the back of my head to turn full blown migraine.

know I’ll get the first draft of the entire story done this week though, and I’m satisfied with that 🙂  I’m only human and have limitations.  Moderation has to come in all things.  I can’t expect to be super woman and stay up, straining my eyes and brain looking at a monitor and writing a story!  That’s not healthy for me…nope!  So, I’m going to call it a night, get some sleep, and pick up where I left off tomorrow 🙂

Featured artwork is something I painted a while ago and is referring to the budding love that I introduced to the story and the confession of love between two of the main characters as well 🙂 Yay for love!  Get it?  Cause it’s spaghetti?  Lady and the Tramp anyone? ❤ ❤ ❤



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