“So Close I Can Taste It!”

I have “Emperor’s New Clothes” by Panic! At the Disco stuck in my head, but it totally works with my current thoughts on getting this book done!  I just added a new Chapter 3 with Mac’s point of view to edge the underlying conflict that is happening for the plot’s sake.  I shoved this one between the first few “Ashley” chapters so that the reader would get to know him a little better since the last time they read from his perspective was in the Prologue.

Basically to help “the flow” of the story work a little better so when I do more Mac and Ashley perspective swaps towards the end of the story, the Prologue wouldn’t seem so weird and random.


Here’s a pic of flowing water haha Do you get it?  Because the story is “flowing” better now?  Haha?  Alright, I’ll stop…

really want to get this story’s first draft done by Sunday.  I know I can do it if I push myself to write four chapters plus the Epilogue.  Tomorrow is Saturday so it’s possible, plus Sunday 🙂

You can totally do anything if you set your mind to it 🙂  I truly believe that!  I also believe that I can do anything with the help from God and Jesus Christ.  🙂  I wouldn’t be able to life without them!


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