Inspiration Comes at Weird Times…

Here I am with yet another 2 am writing session after not being able to find sleep.  I had been struggling with the Prologue of The Fall of the Sun for a while now and couldn’t seem to get it right…a few of my beta readers have stated that I should just omit it entirely, but I don’t want to since it has SO much to do with a lot of the underlying plot for the story and the following few books after this one in the series.

While I laid in bed, begging my brain to find it’s REM cycle, the phrase “Family means everything” popped into my head.  It was sort of a random thought, so I initially dismissed it.  Then, it came again:  “Family means everything.”  I listened this time around since I knew it wasn’t just my brain doing random things.  Connecting that thought with one of the main characters, Mac, and how he feels about his missing sister and losing his parents, I immediately knew I needed to have a chat with Daryl (my laptop’s name is Daryl Dixon, in case you’re confused) and try one more stab at the Prologue.  This time, the words flowed out almost like water and everything just fell into place.  The Prologue makes sense now and I was able to bring in the tragedy that was that night into the very beginning of the story through dialogue between Mac and his cousin, Ty.  I always wanted that night to be in the back of everyone’s mind while reading The Fall of the Sun because it not only effected Mac and his family, but Kristina, Rizer, Sawsha, Thief, and many other characters that won’t be mentioned until the Epilogue of this book and introduced in the following two books.

So, here’s a high five to Heavenly Father for the inspiration and helping me connect the dots to what He was referring to.  After all, I truly believe that what’s important to us, is important to Him, no matter how small the detail.  He knows that this Prologue is important to me and gave me a little help to make it work with the story.  I’m thrilled!  I feel like I can properly head to bed and sleep soundly without this bothering my sleepy brain.

Since Mac and his cousins are Polynesian, mainly hailing from Hawaii, here’s a little Sharpie doodle that I drew a while back.


Nighty night!  ZzzzzzzzZZZzzzZZzzzzZZzzzzzz…


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