Progress is Always Fun!

So, I’m a part of an LDS Beta Reading group on Facebook, right?  And I have someone on there reviewing the first half of The Fall of the Sun which I totally thought would the scariest thing ever!  Turns out, I’m having SO much fun reading his annotations and critiques on how to improve my work!  I love how at the end of his comments he writes, “Don’t get discouraged” and I appreciate that!  Except, I’m totally LOVING it!  Haha!  It’s more empowering and motivating rather than discouraging! Yay!

So, just finished Chapter 9, now I have Chapter 10 on my mind, which is the “calm before the REAL storm” chapter for those that are to come!  I mean, the story so far was just building up to these next few chapters, which is normal, right?

So, like most people (or at least some people out there haha) I have a name for my laptop where I do most of my writing 🙂  His (yes, he’s a he) name is Daryl Dixon.  Yep, that Daryl Dixon from the TV show The Walking Dead.  Let me be honest and say that Daryl is pretty much my favorite Walking Dead character besides Carl and Carol.  What I love most about great acting, is that I tend to “use” these actors’ and actress’ faces as references for my stories!  I always do this.  Before I can start writing, I “pick” a face to attach to one of my characters.  It helps me better visualize them and I’m also more able to describe them accurately when I write.  Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon), Melissa McBride (Carol), and Chandler Riggs (Carl) – all actors on The Walking Dead – have “faces” in my stories as various characters of importance.  I don’t necessarily do this on purpose, but when I think of a character and try to picture them, sometimes actors and actresses just fit the part so well!

Background-the-walking-dead-with-Daryl-Dixon fdskajld.jpg

Featured pic: the desktop background of Daryl Dixon for my laptop Daryl Dixon haha

It’s all just so awesome!  I’m having SO much fun writing right now!  I’ve taken a slight break from my artwork for now.  I’m really wanting to get this book done!  With the progress that I’m making on finishing the book, I’ll hopefully be done by next week or so!  HOLY COW!  That’s SOOOO exciting! I’ll have written my FIRST book soon!  Of course it’s only the first draft…then, comes editing and more editing before it’s publishable, but that’s all part of the fun!  Some of the better ideas come when I’m rereading my work anyways!  I can’t wait to see how this goes!


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