Halfway to a full length Novel! :D

So I just started Chapter 9, right?  I have 6 more chapters to go to reach 15 chapters that I have planned for the book plus a pretty intense Epilogue that is a segue into the second book of the series that will be titled Rays of the Moon!  It’s exciting because so far, as if the writing of this post, I have 22,939 words in the story!  That’s super exciting!  The minimum word count for a full length novel is 40,000 so yeah!  A little over halfway there!


I know I’m probably not the only writer like this, but these upcoming chapters have been the ones that I’ve been looking forward to write for a while now!  The name of Chapter 9 is inspired after one of my favorite bands, Hoobastank (the included pic).  Hoobastank has been one of my favorite bands for over 15 years now and I just love their music so freaking much!  Anyways, the name of the song that inspired this Chapter is called “Moving Forward”.  The feel of this song that I get is basically overcoming fears and moving on with life to a better mindset.  In the chapter, after the tragedy at the end of last chapter, a group of the characters attempts to be all buddy buddy with the other weres to try and get more backup for the looming antagonist that is haunting one of them.  Feeling like there’s also clues to where one of the character’s missing sister is, this chapter is a jumble of emotions, but in the end, leaves them feeling mainly hopeful for what’s to come.  Even though there’s more tragedy to come and even more changes to the character’s emotions, but it’s just the beginning to several generations of this ongoing battle.  One of the characters will learn in this book and the next that, despite hard trials going on in life, there’s always something to be happy and grateful for.  There’s always a reason to keep “Moving Forward.” 🙂 This is something I still am learning over and over again with my battle against depression.  I count my blessings and try to keep strong and find something to be happy about, even if it’s something tiny 🙂


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