It Is a Paranormal story after all…

Silent HIll.jpg

I finished Chapter 8 of The Fall of the Sun just barely.  I realize it’s past 2am, but hey, when the inspiration for a better ending of the chapter emerges, you gotta write it down, right?

I knew I wanted the ending of this chapter to be somewhat grim and tragic with a loss for two characters.  Due to my sleepiness, I plugged my headphones in and started writing and writing and writing until I was satisfied with how the chapter ended.  I have the song “Promise” from the game Silent Hill 2 on repeat because it’s a grim yet absolutely beautiful piano piece that is super calming to me for some reason.  I absolutely love it!  Hence the pic included today is Silent Hill related.  I had the song on repeat to focus like crazy in order to not get distracted.

I usually don’t mind listening to other types of music as I write, but since I need to get to bed asap, I dialed it down from my normal playlists to this piano instrumental.  7 pages later, the chapter finished and I’m off to bed for the second time haha.  Will start chapter 9 tomorrow! Whoo!  This one will be fun since it’ll be a perspective change to another character!  I look forward to it!

Nighty night!  Dream of happy things tonight!


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