It’s Happening!!

Oh my goodness!  Where do I start?  I am SOO excited about all of the support from my friends and family that I’m getting for this push to get this book out!  I asked my facebook friends if any were interested in reading my first few chapters/being in a writer’s group and I got more responses that I thought I would!  I know I am still at the beginning stages of my writing career and have a lot to learn, so I know I’ll be getting some great advice from these wonderful people! 🙂

I’m finishing up the first draft of Chapter 7 of The Fall of the Sun and I just want to write all the time now!  It’s amazing to me that once Heavenly Father planted the little voice in my head and the urgency to get this done has just given me soo much motivation!  It feels somewhat surreal, but I know I can do hard things 🙂

The Fall of the Sun has the genre of Paranormal/Supernatural with a sub-genre of Teen Drama/Romance…which means I get to think back to my teen years and explore the thoughts and dramas of what it was to be a teenager in this vast world we live in.  One can only imagine how crazy it would on top of that when Paranormal creatures start making messes in that teenager’s life!  Yeesh!

I have to say, it is  kind of fun to bring out the inner Valley girl talk and write it down and be as dramatic as I want haha!  It’s entertaining and can be cringe worthy sometimes, but at least her personality is coming out loud and clear! 😀

The main mental illnesses that I am looking to address in this book are (not just the general mental state of being a hormonal teenager :P) Neglect, Panic Disorder, and Paranoia.  It should be interesting and fun for me to incorporate these topics literally and symbolically throughout the book.

Off to finish Chapter 7 and maybe start Chapter 8!  Woot! Woot!

The Artwork included for today is one of the main perspectives of the book, Ashley.




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