Alright!  This is a little different for me!  I’ve never had a blog before, but like a lot of things on my mind today, I felt that I needed to start one!  I’m a scifi/paranormal writer and have felt the push and feel the urgency to get this first book out!  It just needs to happen!

It’s been a rather intimidating though since I’ve never published before so this will be like, “Well, world, welcome to Alicia’s brain!” That’s kind of scary if you ask me…

The pic that I’m using is something that I drew today which I LOVE! Yet I’m my biggest critic too!  I notice the little things and want everything to look and be perfect!  But that’s the other issue…that’s the other topic that’s been holding me back in my writing, the idea that everything must be perfect!

If I keep that mindset, NOTHING I do will ever be perfect!  So, I’m getting The Fall of the Sun written, which will be my debut novel, and learn from the experience!  It will definitely be the first in it’s series, so I hope more comes from it.

I’m also foggy in the area of how to get published as well!  Yet, I keep having this thought bouncing around my brain that I need to look into self-publishing.  The snobby/proud side of my brain wants a “Real” Publisher to do it, but I don’t have any idea where to start and who to start talking to!  On the other hand, I think I should start off small, “get something done and out there” like my cute husband has been telling me.  I have tons of stories that I want to write!  Tons of characters that need their voices heard!  Tons of symbolism of what having a mental illness or two feels like so that those that do have one, don’t feel alone, and for those who don’t, will hopefully understand better on what it’s like to have a specific mental illness.  Having chronic depression and anxiety myself, I felt misunderstood and like I was all alone in my mental suffering, but through therapy and love and support and yes, medication, I have been able to dig myself out of those dark places and learn to not just cope with the depression and anxiety, but to not let them control my every thought!  I’m happy! I’m well!

Lets get this book done!!



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