Diary of a Writer


Almost There!

So, the timeline for my MS of Fall of the Sun has passed, which means my manuscript was rejected by the publishing house. That’s okay though. I was rather bummed at first, but now I’m not so heartbroken. The only question that still eggs my mind is “why?” Why was it rejected? I wonder if it was too dark? My subject matter of that story is Split/Multiple Personality Disorder aka: Dissociative Identity Disorder or DID, so that might have been it because I go heavy into the mind of the MC and how he’s thinking, what he has to deal with, and on top of that, being a werewolf for just over a year would make for a pretty confused and disturbed mind.

Oh well, though, right? I’ve decided to self-publish under my own brand name that I’ll be looking to copyright here very soon. I won’t reveal it just yet though 😉 needless to say, it’s rather perfect, and I’m SUPER excited! It’ll unify all of my stories as well as have great symbolism behind the brand name. I’ll share the story behind the inspiration for it once I complete the copyright process for it. That way, I can own the brand name and not have to worry about anyone else trying to use it without my permission. That sort of thing.

I’m hiring a friend of mine who is an editor by profession to go over Fall of the Sun one last time so that it’s OOBER ready when I self-publish under my new brand name.

On other news, I’ve been playing a lot of Skyrim on Nintendo’s Switch. I have to confess that I’m a little obsessed right now, but it’s been the greatest thing for my High and Epic Fantasy collection that I’m working on right now! Being able to role-play as my main characters have been completely fascinating! Getting into their heads while making the decisions and choosing which quests and storylines I want to pursue in the game as well has been so enlightening on how my characters would react to different scenarios! It’s hard to express just how awesome it is! Plus the game is just amazing anyways! I never thought I’d write an Epic Fantasy (Romantic Fantasy yes, but not Epic Fantasy). I plan on calling it Sisters of Fire and it will stretch my original Fire and Ice story into a collection of at least two main books plus at least seven novelettes or novellas for each of the seven main characters of Sisters of Fire.

Lots of great things happening! It’s been such a learning process, but that’s life, right? When doors close in front of you, God opens more 🙂 All you have to remember is to keep your heart and mind open to the new possibilities and not to dwell on the past. As one with depression and anxiety, I tend to do that a lot and sink into the abyss of “what ifs.” I’ve learned to get myself out of those dark pits and move on. It’s refreshing and I’ve got a lot to look forward to!

Back Again!

After too long of not writing in this blog, here I am again! So, to fill in the gaps from the last post, I’ve submitted FALL OF THE SUN to a publishing house and am waiting for them to get back to me if they want to publish it. I’m super excited, and it feels exhilarating to have a book done and am starting to work on Book 2, RAYS OF THE MOON in the LUNAR PHASES series.

Other exciting news, I’ve had several dreams as of late that can be directly translated into plots for other books in my Monsterverse. I had a nightmare about a monster named, Monsoon, that will be the plot and scariness of THE UNSEEN stand-alone book that references and focuses solely on the government entity called SPAM and how they capture and detain supernatural objects, beings, entities, and creatures to keep humanity safe. Think SCP foundation, MIB, and Area 51. Those are my main inspirations for such a government operation. It’ll be creepy and awesome!

Just last night, I had a dream about the plot of my Jinn/Sphinx storylines of the GUARDIAN series. After doing a good amount of research on Jinn (Jinni) and the like, I think I might end up doing a retelling of Aladdin from The Arabian Nights. That’ll be cool. I’m already doing a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, but both will be more close to the actual original text as opposed to the Disney versions of them – although the Disney animated versions of Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast were my childhood favorites, so I guess it’s only natural that I would want to eventually do a retelling of them 🙂

I already picked out the main character of the GUARDIAN series. She is a Jinn turned Sphinx. I’m using the term Sphinx in my own sort of way since I want it to be like the opposite of the Jinn. She has a love interest in the SERAPHIM quilogy, but I wanted to give her one for her own series. Last night’s dream was just that, and that tale will be rather tragic as it gives her a sad motivation to give up her traditions and turn to SPAM to hunt down the very creatures that she actually is in return for some sort of selfish solitude and petty revenge after her first husband is killed by her Jinn family for not being a full-blooded Jinn (not known at the time of his death). Should be a good read, sad, but good. I’m trying to decide if I want to do the Aladdin retelling as the first book in the series. I think I might since there are about four to possibly even seven books in the series. It’s not entirely planned out, but I’m closer now that I have a more firm direction I want to go with it – especially with my Jinn family all created with names and faces attached to them 🙂

Well, that’s really all I have for now. I’ve been thinking about posting on here recently, but have forgotten to, so hopefully there’ll be less of a giant gap between posts in the near future 🙂


Always Grateful…

I had a pretty good writing day yesterday and even more so today.  This may not come as a shocker anymore (since it’s happened a bagillion times by now) but I’m adding 2 more chapters:  “Get Well” and “Girlfriend”.  I added “Get Well” because one of my chapters was just getting too long, so I wanted to split it up a bit and it just happened to work out that way.  I added “Girlfriend” for basically the same reason, to split up a chapter, and just add more details and character development.  Should be fun 😉

Although I keep adding things to my story and am not close to being done with the first draft yet, I am grateful for the inspiration that I’ve been getting the past couple of days.  It’s great to have my brain be all creative again and listening to the promptings that I get.  I truly feel that Heaven is inspiring me to add these things.  So that’s always something to be grateful for.

This entry will be a little bit short, just because that’s all I have to say for today.  Here’s to progress!!


P.S. Jimmy Fallon is one of my favorites!  *Fist Pump for days!*

Getting Back Into The Flow…

After thinking my Writer’s block ended a week ago, I ended up staring at Daryl Dixon thinking “What are words?” for the past week again…so, it’s been two weeks since I had a quality writing session for The Fall of the Sun.  It was rather depressing.  I was stuck on a chapter that I didn’t quite know how to word.  So last night, while in the shower, I had a brief moment of inspiration to get things flowing again.  I wrote down the thought and let it stew overnight.

I wrote down and finished the relatively short chapter today and am about to finish another.  *fist pump*  Hopefully, I can get the last few chapters started tonight as well.  Feeling hopeful.

So, my husband’s and my first year anniversary is this weekend!  YAY!  As an early present for me, my husband got me a blue-tooth keyboard to attach to my iPad Air 2!  Her name is Skye, as in Daisy Johnson, from Agents of Shield naturally.  She’s one of my favorite Agents of Shield characters besides like all of them, so of course, I named my iPad Skye!

With Skye’s help while Daryl is charging, and Daryl’s help while Skye is charging, I’ve been able to pull this whole writing thing off relative success today!  Let’s hope that this can continue to move forward and get this story done!


Today’s featured gif is, you guessed it, Skye from Agents of Shield. 🙂 She’s expressing my current mood of, “Okay. Yeah. This is happening!”  Team Daryl and Skye for the win!


So, with a week’s long hiatus, I finally sat down to start writing again.  I was nervous since the whole writer’s block thing kind of threw me off, but I am happy to say, that the block is hopefully behind me! YAY!!!


I’ve added 5 more chapters like I wrote in my last blog entry, to add more fluidity between the “Mac” and “Ashley” chapters.  I’m in the middle of the first “Mac” chapter that I added titled, “Lean On”, yes, that one “Lean On (feat. MØ and DJ Snake)” by Major Lazer.

It’s a bit of a “throw back” chapter where Mac is telling his guardian, Erica Zeck, about the night that his parents died and his sister disappeared.  I’m totally high fiving myself (haha! In reference to the Walking Dead gif that I included today) for saving some old drafts that I wrote of that night and am adapting the draft to fit into the chapter!  This is what motivated me to write again after a week, and I’m happy about that!  So far so good!

My laptop missed me! 😀 Here’s to finishing up this book!!!

Come on Daryl Dixon! (remember that is the name of my laptop) LETS DO THIS!!

THE Worst Time to have Writer’s Block…

So, I have roughly 2 chapters left to right in The Fall of the Sun, right?  But I am not knowing where to start…I have the chapters basically outlined, but I can’t seem to find the right words to use to write these last chapters.  This is incredibly frustrating when I’m SO close to being done with the first draft of the entire book!! UGH!!!

I literally turn on Daryl Dixon (my laptop) and stare at the blank screen for writing and am like……………………………………….

*Cricket cricket*


This is the worst!

I rewrote an even more detailed outline for the chapters so that I can follow that and hope that the discovery writing comes as I write like it usually does.

Wish me luck?


Featured pic (gif) is exactly what my laptop keeps asking me when I stare at it with frustrated, squinty eyes, flared nostrils that exhale growling noises, and crazy hair.

I Just Toured California!

Google Maps is a pretty cool thing 🙂 In the chapter This Is Gospel that I’m adding towards the beginning of The Fall of the Sun, I’m having Mac jog a good length of Culver City, CA.  It’s fun to write as I’m cybernetically viewing it myself.  I’m able to describe the trip a little bit better and easier since I don’t think I’ve actually been to Culver City, CA myself.

Technology is a crazy thing, isn’t it? Who would’ve thought that I could take a trip to California from my laptop without leaving my comfy LoveSac in my apartment or spending any money?  It’s certainly neat to take a journey with one of the characters.

Also, I have a silly parody FanFiction that actually has a high fan base I posted on the website FanFiction.com.  It’s a Supernatural and Twilight crossover that’s full of silly nonsense that I get a kick out of.  It’s in no way disrespectful, but just a way to point out silliness from Dean Winchester eating all the Burgers and Pies to Sam Winchester’s healthy eating habits, Castiel’s slang talk confusion and planting that in the world of Twilight as they “hunt a pack of vampires in Folks, Washington.” ;P I think I’m funny haha!

I was going somewhere mentioning that…oh! Right! I described a VERY yummy bacon cheeseburger at the beginning of the FanFic parody and want to use it in The Fall of the Sun for kicks and giggles 🙂 it’s a description that I’m actually quite proud of! I’ve had fans of the parody tell me how hungry I made them which was totally the goal! So, I will make everyone reading The Fall of the Sun want a juicy bacon cheeseburger gosh dangit! Haha! 😉 Is it considered plagiarism if it’s my own writing I’m borrowing from? 😛 Semi-joking question haha

Writing is definitely something that I LOVE doing 🙂

Featured pic is a silly one of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, the actors who play Dean and Sam Winchester in the TV show Supernatural respectively 🙂